Domestic Violence Not Guilty Verdict – 12/12/16

The Alleged Crime: The client was charged with one count of Battery Domestic Violence, a misdemeanor.

The Evidence:  The alleged victim and her daughter claimed that the defendant battered the alleged victim when she went to retrieve her belongings from their residence.  They claimed that the alleged victim went to the hospital after the incident due to the alleged injuries.

The Trial:  Through cross examination of the alleged victim, her daughter, the responding police officer, and direct examination of an independent witness, I was able to show that the alleged victim and her daughter were not being honest on the stand.  Their story did not make sense and was inconsistent with the story they had told officers on the night of the alleged incident.  Moreover, despite claiming that the alleged victim had been slammed against walls and had vomited blood, there was no physical evidence or visible injuries to corroborate the story.  Moreover, my client and the independent witness had called police to the residence before the alleged victim because of her inappropriate conduct while retrieving her belongings.  I was able to reveal through testimony and photographs that the alleged victim had actually used a taser against the independent witness before leaving and telling hospital staff and police that my client had battered her.

The Outcome:  My client was found not guilty of all charges.

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