About Your Attorney

Elizabeth “Liz” Anderlik is a Las Vegas area attorney specializing in Criminal Defense and Personal Injury cases.



Liz is a Las Vegas local who worked hard to achieve academic honors.  She attended schools in the Las Vegas area from kindergarten through high school, then attended UNLV for undergraduate studies and a Master’s degree.  Liz attended Penn State Law school where she graduated in the top 10 of her class.  Click the link above for more information about Liz’s academic credentials.


Liz has a wide range of experience in criminal cases from traffic tickets to Category A felonies and from pre-arraignment to appeals and post-conviction.  Liz has worked as a prosecutor and a criminal defense attorney, so she has a unique perspective that can help produce desirable results for your case.  Liz has also worked on civil cases, and has even collaborated on briefs for the United States Supreme Court.  Click the link above to learn more about how Liz’s wide range of experience can help you throughout the legal process.

How can Liz help YOU?

Liz has a track record of hard work, dedication, success, and excellence, which she will bring to working on your case.  Because she has both courtroom and motion practice experience, as well as looking at cases from the prosecution and defense perspectives, she brings a well-rounded set of skills to thoroughly analyze and find creative solutions for legal problems.  Moreover, her experience in and out of the legal field makes her the perfect choice to help you navigate the complicated legal system with confidence.