Liz, a former prosecutor, has years of experience in handling cases from traffic tickets to category A felonies, from municipal court to the United States Supreme Court, from arraignment to jury trial, and from appeal to post-conviction.

Liz first discovered her passion for criminal law while working as a Law Clerk at the United States Attorney’s Office in Las Vegas in 2013, where she worked on the Strike Force and White Collar Crimes Divisions. Although still a law student at the time, Liz served as second chair successfully prosecuting a federal felony jury trial.

During her third year in law school, Liz was a member of the Civil Rights Appellate Clinic.  There, she and her fellow clinic members worked collaboratively to fight for clients’ civil rights, including filing briefs to the United States Supreme Court.

Liz began her post-graduation career as a Law Clerk at the Clark County District Attorney’s Office.  There, she drafted over thirty appellate briefs addressing complex criminal law issues in the Nevada Supreme Court and Nevada Court of Appeals, including a capital case.  Additionally, she handled over fifty post-conviction cases, including regarding petitions for writ of habeas corpus.

Promoted to Deputy District Attorney, Liz appeared in Las Vegas Justice Court and Clark County District Court departments at least two days per week.  Managing a heavy caseload, Liz prosecuted hundreds of misdemeanor and felony cases from simple traffic infractions to Category A felonies.  In addition to bench trials, preliminary hearings, and Grand Jury proceedings, Liz successfully prosecuted felony jury trials including one for a nationwide jewel thief charged with several felony counts.

Liz then moved to the private sector, where she began working on criminal defense and personal injury cases.  She now appears in Las Vegas area (including Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Laughlin) Municipal Court, Justice Court, and Clark County District Court departments at least four days a week, and has defended clients in over four hundred criminal cases.  Liz serves as Alternate Public Attorney in Municipal Court Dept. 2, defending clients in and out of custody for misdemeanor cases including domestic violence and DUI offenses.  Liz has defended multiple clients in solo misdemeanor bench trials.  Additionally, she has completed jury trials defending clients against such felony charges as Attempt Murder with a Deadly Weapon, Possession of a Firearm by Prohibited Person, Discharging a Firearm at or into a Structure, Discharging a Firearm From or Within a Structure, Attempt Invasion of the Home with a Deadly Weapon, Attempt Burglary While in Possession of a Firearm, Assault with Deadly Weapon, and Battery with a Deadly Weapon Resulting in Substantial Bodily Harm.  In June of 2017, Liz was able to secure not guilty verdicts on Robbery with a Deadly Weapon and Burglary While in Possession of a Firearm charges.

In addition to defending the rights of those accused of crimes, Liz has expanded her practice to assist plaintiffs in recovering just compensation in personal injury and other civil cases, including slip-and-falls and motor vehicle accidents.

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