Practice Areas and Guide

Anderlik Law, Chtd. focuses primarily on criminal defense and personal injury cases.  Within each category, there are several different, more specialized, types of cases.  Please continue reading to learn more about some of the types of cases that Anderlik Law, Chtd., often handles.

Criminal Law

If you have been charged with a crime, you probably have a lot of questions.  Anderlik Law, Chtd., is happy to help answer them.  Below is some general information that is meant to help provide a basic understanding of some of the legal issues and terminology that apply in criminal cases.  Click the links below to learn more.

Types of Cases

Anderlik Law, Chtd., is experienced in handling cases from minor traffic tickets to Category A felonies.


There are several jurisdictions and courts in Southern Nevada. The location of where the alleged crime occurred will determine in which court or jurisdiction the case is heard.


Warrants are essentially court orders that allow law enforcement to take an action that they wouldn’t ordinarily be able to take without court approval.  Not sure if you have a warrant?  Click the link above to see how you can find out.

Crimes and Punishments

The prosecution may charge an individual with any offense(s) for which they believe they have probable cause and jurisdiction.  Click the link above for a list of some commonly-charged offenses in Southern Nevada.  The brief descriptions are by no means meant to be a full legal tutorial, but can help give you a basic idea of what each charge may entail.

Civil Law

Currently, Anderlik Law, Chtd., primarily works on personal injury cases within the civil realm.  However, this practice area is constantly expanding.  If you are considering filing a civil lawsuit, please contact Anderlik Law, Chtd., for a free consultation to review your case.